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Pic 18F45k50 Board
18-02-2014, 04:48 PM,
Pic 18F45k50 Board
This is my board for pic 18f45k40.
I use MiKroc, but works also with Pinguino of course.

Supply 6 to 36 vdc or USB
Usb Plug
55*80 mm

More input/output than Arduino one and cheap price (obvious...)
No smd components (i don't like small objects)...Big Grin


[Image: 72r37t.jpg]
19-02-2014, 11:32 AM,
RE: Pic 18F45k50 Board
Nice work! What's that white component at half height that looks a bit like a coil? Maybe the reset button I else would be missing (for -uino)? I really like the 45K50, it is "almost" a self-contained pinguino on its own and as DIP ideal for breadboarding; a minimalistic design (operating from USB voltage) would require neither crystal nor regulator, it has EEPROM and (obviously) the same flash size as a 4550 at a very nice price.
Being ham-fisted, I really understand your "don't like small objects" attitude, but I recently learned that soldering TQFP-44 with its .8mm pitch is no magic at all; the keys are: a droplet of glue, a very small solder tip and ample use of flux. With the space gained, you could easily prepare a xtal plus maybe a 3.3V regulator, so that switching to a J5x would be easy for applications that require more flash (or a RTC ..). By the way, the TQFP version of the 45K50 offers additional, conflict-free debug lines.
19-02-2014, 05:39 PM,
RE: Pic 18F45k50 Board
The white component is a coils for Switching reg.(6-36v to 5)
This board was created for test, but may be useful for many application.
Using a screwdriver we can connect many device (pot switch LCD & so on)

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