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07-08-2014, 08:16 PM,
Hi to all.

I'm trying to use the Android example (examples\09.Interfacing\Android/TestAndroid.pde) with a PIC32-PINGUINO OTG from Olimex, Pinguino IDE X.4 rev 999 with 4.x Android devices but as someone already posted in this forum ADB.refresh() is alway returning 0. Does anyone know if this library works with Olimex boards and if there is a solution? I even tryed the "Android Debug Bridge for windows". When I connect the board to the PC no device is detected in opposite to what happends when connecting a cell-phone.

I´m using a usb cable, with a mini-usb connector on the PINGUINO board's side with the 4th pin connected fo GND. The android device identifies it as "storage device".

PS: can't put it to work as presented in

Regards to all.

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