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Support for PIC32MX270
28-05-2015, 09:04 AM,
RE: Support for PIC32MX270
(28-05-2015, 01:15 AM)scoppy Wrote: if i'm not wrong with default pinguino boot looader and 8mhz crystal , pic32mx270f256b will run core at 40 mhz, right?

there is a internal 8mhz osc bootloader hex?

1/ Yes but If you’re willing to take the risk, the Pinguino IDE and the new Pinguino Bootloader support overclocking. You can run your Pinguino 32MX270 (and only this one at that moment) up to 64MHz with a 8MHz crystal. I can't be held responsible for any damaged hardware or problems arising during the overclocking process. However, I run a Pinguino 32MX270 at 60MHz with a ST7735 1.8" TFT display at SPI 30MHz without any problem for more than 6 month.

2/ No but it should be possible. Do you want to update the config.h file to support that INTOSC mode ? If so, I will do my best to help you but first try to compile the bootloader from the sources.
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