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x4-easy-rev959 WORKS! - win7 amdx64 bit
13-12-2014, 12:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 13-12-2014, 01:49 AM by jwzumwalt.)
x4-easy-rev959 WORKS! - win7 amdx64 bit
I have had my two Olimex pic32-pinguino-micro for a week now and have learned
quite a bit. I and several others could not get the latest x4-easy-rev959 to work with
PIC32 boards. I believe I have figured out much of the problem.

1st - the compiler fails to work if the "pinguino_start.bat" files is used.
Just click on the "pinguino.exe" file and things seem to work OK. (I have
had other .bat files cause permission problems and this is probably the case) I can
get the compiler to work sometimes (but not always) by right clicking on the .bat
file and selecting "Run as Administrator" - your mileage may vary!

2nd - I had followed the Olimex instructions which include loading external Python,
USB drivers, and some support files. Due to another issue I freshly installed
win7 on my amdx64 bit and found x4-easy-rev959 WORKS just fine if no
other drivers or support files are installed!

I have found that both rev959 and rev999 file "save as" does not always work
and there is a risk of corrupting a file that has been loaded with the hope of
modifying it as a template - so, I manually copy/paste/rename files.
(Sometimes the "save as" saves to the old file name and the IDE will not
change to the new name.)

I can not speak for the other PIC8 or PIC16 CPUs but rev959 seems to
be working pretty good
on my clean Win7 install.

The moral of the story is just load the IDE (nothing else) and everything works great!
(at least on win7).

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