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PIC32MX250 Bootloader mode problem
17-07-2015, 12:50 PM,
PIC32MX250 Bootloader mode problem
Hi all

I can't enter in bootloader mode in a PIC32MX250F128B based DIY pinguino board.
The board is correctly recognized as a usb hid device (I used HIDBoot_MX250.hex).
I followed the boot step procedure stated in the PIC32MX250 wiki page.

1 - Press and hold down the user button BUT (Pin 3 of the IC)
2 - Press and release the user button RST (Pin 1 of the IC)
3 - Release the user button BUT

The USERLED blinks but the IDE doesn't recognize the board and ask for enter in bootloader mode to load the new program. No matters how many times I repeat the bootloader procedure, the IDE is not able to detect the board.
I have tested the PIC32MX250F128B IC with a program for CDC communication developed with MPLABX and works fine.

I'm also using a 8 bits pinguino board based in the PIC18F4550 without a problem, so it's seems to be a problem with PIC32 and Pinguino IDE.

I'm using Pinguino IDE V11 release 06/07/2015 on Windows 7 x64.

I hope that someone can help me to solve this problem.


17-07-2015, 05:33 PM,
RE: PIC32MX250 Bootloader mode problem
Well, after a long search and thanks to this thread

the PIC32MX250F128B is working like a charm!

Just for completness, these are the steps that I made to make it work:

- Go to LibUSB-Win32 folder and execute Filter Wizard. You will be presented with a list of devices connected to USB.
- Select you device based in the VID/PID numbers. In my case VID 0x4D8 and PID 0x003 REV 0x103. You can find this numbers in device properties -> Hardware ID.
- Select you device and choose "install a device filter".

That's it.

I followed the steps to enter in bootloader mode as stated in wiki page and then download the program to the board without problems.


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