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Install v12 on any linux distro..
01-04-2016, 04:31 PM,
Install v12 on any linux distro..

I noticed that the sourceforge files are newer than the ones on github. I wanted to try the new v12 so I coded this install script which works fine on Fedora (23) and should work on any linux distro. Just save it in a place like /opt/pinguino and run it.

Notice that  if you re-run it (it will delete any previous installed files) so if you need to save stuff (like your sketches) make sure to do so before re-running it (or comment out the appropriate rm command(s) ).

Re-running it gets the latest versions on sourceforge.



DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"

rm -rf *.lzma
rm -rf v12
rm -rf p32
rm -rf p8
rm -rf ~/.pinguino

mkdir ~/.pinguino
mkdir ~/.pinguino/v12

wget -nc  -O pinguino-linux64-sdcc-mpic16.tar.lzma
wget -nc          -O pinguino-ide.tar.lzma
wget -nc    -O pinguino-libraries.tar.lzma
wget -nc -O pinguino-linux64-gcc-mips-elf.tar.lzma

tar -xvf pinguino-ide.tar.lzma
tar -xvf pinguino-libraries.tar.lzma

tar -xvf pinguino-linux64-gcc-mips-elf.tar.lzma
tar -xvf pinguino-linux64-sdcc-mpic16.tar.lzma

echo "[Paths]"                                          >$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "sdcc_bin         = $DIR/p8/bin"                  >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "gcc_bin          = $DIR/p8/bin"                  >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "pinguino_8_libs  = $DIR/v12/p8"                  >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "pinguino_32_libs = $DIR/v12/p32"                 >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "xc8_bin          = /opt/microchip/xc8/v1.37/bin" >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "user_libs        = $DIR/v12/pinguinolibs"        >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "install_path     = $DIR/v12"                     >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf
echo "user_path        = ~/.pinguino/v12"              >>$DIR/v12/pinguino/qtgui/config/pinguino.linux.conf

cd v12
01-04-2016, 05:06 PM,
RE: Install v12 on any linux distro..
I fixed the installer script. It's available at
Note there is still a bug (gpasm error) in the pinguino-linux32-sdcc deb package but I'm on it.
It is easier to complain than it is to do, but it is better to do than it is to complain.

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