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V12 Testing - some impressions
11-05-2016, 02:07 AM,
V12 Testing - some impressions
It is normal to have bugs and things not done yet so, is not a complain:

 - the installation of the IDE using the goes ok, but freezes at installing the XC8 ide - solved manually.
 - for some microcontrollers, the testing program compiles ok only in boot mode, ICSP fails - but is normal, I guess, as things are not done yet.
 - the difference in code size between the two compilers is big. Not huge but big enough for the advantage of including XC8 to be visible to anyone (I've tested the "BlinkWithoutDelay" example for Pinguino 27J53: SDCC did 2342 bytes in ICSP mode and XC8 did 1668 bytes).

The difference between the two compilers fully justifies the effort of including the XC8 as a toolchain. Not even mentioning the advantage it has in working with bootloaders: no tuned linker scripts, no special pragmas for relocating interrupts, no fancy startup code.

As for the amount of work in writing dual code, I did that myself for my projects (using MPLAB X IDE and raw C code), supporting both MPLAB C18 and XC8 (see here) but I concluded in the end that is not worth doing it. So I switched completely to XC8.

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