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Doh! Man Steals GPS Tracking Device
05-10-2016, 11:05 AM,
Doh! Man Steals GPS Tracking Device
I was just reading about what I think must be the dumbest crime of the century. It happened a few years ago and involved a 40 year-old man allegedly stealing a GPS tracking base unit worth $2,500 which was being used to monitor criminals on probation. The authorities were quickly notified that it had been moved and its new location was very easily tracked, leading authorities to the suspect's apartment. I guess he didn't even know what it was he had stolen.

GPS units are more common today, and considerably less expensive. Have you ever wondered how does it work? Many Global Positioning System satellites orbit the globe, transmitting signals to receivers on the ground. The signals from different satellites arrive at a receiver unit at slightly different times due to varying distances. The distance to any satellites can be calculated using the amount of time it takes for the signal to reach the receiver. So by calculating the distance to several GPS satellites, the exact location of the receiver can be quickly determined.

Drivers are using GPS navigation units in their vehicles. A GPS navigation system has built in software that displays maps of the immediate area. Some navigation systems will even give you voice direction and even suggest alternative routes and shortcuts. But perhaps even more importantly, if you need any road side assistance in an emergency, at the press of a button you will know exactly where you are located so help can get there quicker. But this is not just for drivers. You can have a navigation in your mobile device or PocketPC.

GPS tracking devices are also becoming very popular. GPS tracking devices are small units that can be attached to something to keep track of wherever it goes. People use GPS tracking units to keep track of their family members and valuable assets. For example you might use a tiny GPS tracking device to keep track of the exact location of your motor vehicles, your pets, or even your children or your spouse.
30-05-2019, 05:14 AM,
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