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[W10] Bugs for Pinguino-installer-v1.7.1.3.exe
15-04-2017, 11:01 AM,
[W10] Bugs for Pinguino-installer-v1.7.1.3.exe
I've wanted to come back to Pinguino.
I've downloaded a Pinguino-installer-v1.7.1.3.exe on a clear Windows 10 install.
I've entered path C:/Pinguino11 and installed v11 IDE there.
I've plugged PIC18F47J53 pinguino and let the usb stuff detect it, I selected P8 from USB devices list but then it showed some kind of "already installed" message (shame I didnt note it down).
Then I've tried to launch PINGUINO IDE.

BUG 1: Pinguino did not start. After adding "pause" to batch, I've seen an error report that C:/pinguino/ path does not exist.
WARNING:root:Missing Pinguino libraries instalation. Make sure the paths in C:\Pinguino11\v11\paths.conf are corrent.
Traceback: (most recent call last):
   File "", line 194, in <module>
     frame = PinguinoIDE(splash_write=splash_write,argvs=parser)
  File "C:\Pinguino11\v11\qtgui\ide\", line 61, in __init__
  File "C:\Pinguino11\v11\qtgui\pinguino_api\", lien 63, in check_user_files
WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'C:\\pinguino\v11\user"
SOLUTION: I've renamed my Pinguino11 directory back to Pinguino
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Installer is ignoring the entered path, I mean, I've entered C:/Pinguino11 as instalation dir but it still expecteed files to be in C:/pinguino

BUG 2: Pinguino IDE complained that user directory does not exist.
SOLUTION: I've just created that directory and it worked.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Maybe you forget to create that directory during instalation?

BUG 3: Pinguino IDE opened and complained that compilers for PIC18 are missing.
SOLUTION: I figured out that compilers are inside C:/Pinguino/p8 (sdcc.exe), and they should be inside C:/Pinguino/compilers/p8 and so on. I've just moved them to new directory called "compilers" and it worked.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Again, you have messed up paths. I did not install compilers manually.

BUG 4: After a successfull compilation, I am getting: No backend available when trying to upload.
SOLUTION: No idea, please, can anyone help me?

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18-04-2017, 10:00 AM,
RE: [W10] Bugs for Pinguino-installer-v1.7.1.3.exe
Thanks for this report.

I'll fix this. Meanwhile, I'd suggest to give a try to the version 12.
It is easier to complain than it is to do, but it is better to do than it is to complain.

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