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Re: PIC18F2550 not getting detected.
05-07-2017, 11:30 AM,
Re: PIC18F2550 not getting detected.
Hello all,

First of all thanks for the great project. I have CAN Bus Analyzer which has two sets of controllers for dedicated usage of CAN and USB. One among them is PIC18F2550. So in order to make this CAN Bus Analyzer board as pinguino I used the v4.x bootloader with 12MHz crystal, pickit3, and MPLAB_IPE for flashing. I have installed pinguino drivers for my windows-10. But when I connect my device to PC its not getting listed at all. The device is functioning properly with microchip's bootloader but not with pinguino bootloader. Any suggestions or answers would help me a lot.

PFA for my development board scehmatics.

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04-11-2017, 09:23 PM,
RE: Re: PIC18F2550 not getting detected.
Just for troubleshuting, did you installed libusb?
Did you tryed a simple example, like blinking a led?


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