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Using Pinguino with 16F819,16F1827 and 16F1847?
15-07-2017, 03:10 PM,
Using Pinguino with 16F819,16F1827 and 16F1847?
I'm wondering if Pinguino can be adapted so that it will work with these 3 chips.


We use these chips in our Embedded systems course at a UK university. It would be nice if we could use Arduino code to program these chips (we use a Microchip ICD3 via ICSP and CCS PCM compiler via MPLABX at the moment) as it would help students who have mainly used the Arduino before.

Looking at SDCC documentation it does support the chips above and the 16F1708 and 16F1459 as used on your boards. However when I try to compile for the latter 2 chips in V12 of your IDE  (under linux as I can't grt it installed under Win10 but that's for later) I get a message saying these chips are not supported.
Are you using the latest version of SDCC? If I switch to XC8 as the compiler I then get a message about NOBOOT or some such (basically lines in a #def section of the main.c file)

I'd like to help out and try to get the chips I use above working in Pinguino but I don't know how the translation mechanism works. How would someone go about getting these chips working with your system? Thanks.

03-06-2018, 01:49 AM,
RE: Using Pinguino with 16F819,16F1827 and 16F1847?
Those chips dont have USB so you'd have to still use ICSP programmer... also they most likely have differnt ports/etc so you'd have to add #defines for them (I think so) and adjust the libraries... nothing really hard, but still you'd have to read datasheets and stuff. Maybe some more experienced user can say more...

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