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Pinguino Self-replication not working
25-07-2017, 02:02 AM,
Pinguino Self-replication not working

I have a Pinguino Pic18F2550, and it works very well.

I'm trying now to do the self-replication in a new chip, as it is describe in pinguino wiki.

// This is a tool to program the pinguino bootloader in a new chip
// with your Pinguino, the self replicating machine !!
// Jean-Pierre MANDON 2010

i'm using the last IDE 11.0 Beta 4, and I have windows 10.

when I compile the code, I receved the next information:

[OUT] ERROR: 2:  this is the location of the previous definition
[OUT] 3:  this is the location of the previous definition
[OUT] 920:  token -> '1' ; column 14

If I upload de hex file directly, (Bootloader_v4.14_18f2550_X20MHz.hexthe message is:

[DEBUG] Starting 'upload' from 'qtgui.pinguino_api.uploader.uploader'
[DEBUG] Looking for a Pinguino device ...
[DEBUG] Found device 0x04D8:0xFEAA
[DEBUG] Pinguino found ...
[DEBUG] OS is windows
[DEBUG] Configuration set
[DEBUG] Interface claimed
[DEBUG] Everything OK so far
[DEBUG]  - with PIC18f2550 (id=1240)
[DEBUG]  - with 29696 bytes free (29 KB)
[DEBUG]    from 0x00C00 to 0x08000
[DEBUG]  - with USB bootloader v4.8
[DEBUG] Uploading user program ...
[DEBUG] Traceback (most recent call last):
[DEBUG]   File 'C:\Pinguino 11\qtgui\pinguino_api', line 23, in inset
[DEBUG]     ret = f(*args, **kwaargs)
[DEBUG]   File 'C:\Pinguino 11\qtgui\pinguino_api\uploader\', line 179, in upload
[DEBUG]     self.uploader.uploadDevice(self.hexfile, self.board)
[DEBUG]   File 'C:\Pinguino 11\qtgui\pinguino_api\uploader\', line 514, in uploadDevice
[DEBUG]     status = self.writeHex(handle, filename, board)
[DEBUG]   File 'C:\Pinguino 11\qtgui\pinguino_api\uploader\', line 399, in writeHex
[DEBUG]     data[address - board.memstart + i] = int(line[9 + (2 * i) : 11 + (2 * i)], 16)
[DEBUG] IndexError: list assignment index out of range
[DEBUG] Time spent for '__upload__': 0.11 s
[DEBUG] Ending '__upload__'

I tryed whith an old PC, with XP, and older IDE 9.5, Phyton 26.

The pinguino is recognised, compile and upload any program.
I use to test, the user blinking  led, with variation of delays

However the result is the same.

I don't know where is the problem.

The code seems to be okay

Can you help me?

Thank's a lot.

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