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CDC transmission speed
25-07-2017, 04:33 PM,
CDC transmission speed
I want to output A/D samples to my PC at the highest possible rate, which for the PIC18F4321 (that I am currently using) is 100k samples per second. With standard serial baud rates of 115.2k baud, easy math tells you this is impossible. Would USB CDC printing with pinguino (PIC18F4550) give me higher transfer rates so that it would be possible?
27-07-2017, 01:20 PM,
RE: CDC transmission speed
I went ahead and built myself a Pinguino PIC18F4550 on a prototype board. CDC transmission speed seems limited, but I am not surprised:

p8/include/pinguino/libraries/usb/usb_config.h:76:    #define USB_CDC_BAUD_RATE    115200

Bulk transfer did not seem to do the trick either. I will try to see if I can ramp up the CDC transmission speed since I went through the trouble of building a pinguino.

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