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Register access syntax
27-05-2018, 04:22 PM,
Register access syntax
I'm trying to use PORTx syntax and so on on to access/setup ports in a whole... I need to read/write an 8 bit port.
I recall that this is possible to access to registers (TRIS/LAT), but I cant recall the correct syntax.
Looking into wiki pagesodesnt helo too much; looking into SDCC include/header files I got some clues, but... not sure about those Blush .
Has somebody any suggestion?
Thanks a lot in advance  Big Grin Big Grin 

03-06-2018, 01:44 AM,
RE: Register access syntax
It's the same as in normal PIC compiler I think... just check any MPLAB or MikroC tutorials, or just the PIC datasheet... which pic are you using?
03-06-2018, 11:21 PM,
RE: Register access syntax
Hi PIC18F47J53 !
Thanks for your answer... just found by myself today... busy week here!   Angry 
I'm working on 18f2550 to replace an old antenna switch controller (electromechanical ...) with a more up-to-date button & led circuit.
So I need to read some bits for buttons and HIGH/LOW consequently some other Port.Bits.
Most of the code it's really trivial, but the the effect is astounding Cool .

So, thanks again, ciao from Italy

victor2 ( formerly victor here)

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