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CDC_interrupt IDE V12
31-07-2018, 11:25 AM, (This post was last modified: 31-07-2018, 11:25 AM by 2e0byo. Edit Reason: typo )
CDC_interrupt IDE V12
I thought I'd leave this lying around here as it took me a while to figure out:

With the current (v12) ide and libraries installed by the auto-install script* there's a typo in p8/include/pinguino/core/usbcdc.c line 376 should read CDC_interrupt not cdc_interrupt, or compilation fails.

I'd submit a bug report or preferably just a pull request, but the github pages don't seem to match the installed files at all (or maybe I'm being stupid?)

Anyone know where the v12 sources are kept?

There's also a bug in the PWM library at least for the 18f4550 but I've not got round to looking into it yet.  analogueWrite is fine so it all should work.

Ta all,


*after editing pinguino-ide.deb not to depend on python-pyside which is available through pip but not (on current) debian testing from the package manager: a few people are posting 'file not found' after the installer script which is caused by dpkg skipping the actual IDE.

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